Thursday, 20 March 2014

My use of Computers in Art

This is where I enumerate the methods I have used in reply to some queries.

I make images. I make videos. I make soundtracks. As follows.


I take photographs. Often of things I have drawn. Often of paintings. Also landscape.

In general I am producing abstract images by combining photographs.

I use PIL and Gimp (rather than Photoshop) to edit photographs and assemble them into collages. I might paste as many as a hundred photographs onto one collage, although it's more often three or four. I script PIL and Gimp in Python, so that I can quickly experiment with various rearrangements of the components of a collage.

I also use geometry and write vector graphics scrips to create more regular patterns, which I also use in collages as images.

The cameras I use are all simple. A six year old compact. A HD webcam. An iphone. A flatbed scanner. I exploit the fact that I have a limited number of pixels and a limited dynamic range.


I have an old Flip video camera 720p and can use the HD Webcam if I want 1080p. [added March 2015 - my iPhone 6 also does decent video at 1080p60 and 720p240, so that has rather taken over from everything else] and I also assemble video sequences from the still images created above.

I use a combination of video software including ffmpeg and Corel Video Studio. I script the sequencing of video in Python, again so that I can repeat productions easily, with new images.

In general I am making abstract video art, or vehicles for soundtracks, or both. But some recent productions have a narrative element.


I compose using mathematics, in a harmonious extension of the methods of serialism. I then generate midi from the mathematics using Python, mostly from scripts that are basically trivial. They just script the mathematical constructions that comprise the melody, rhythm and instrumentation of the soundtrack. I then use Reaper to add audio to the midi to create the final soundtrack. 

Further Comments

I will happily reply to any additional queries, either via twitter or directly.