Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Video collage

extract from "Still Life" (https://vimeo.com/140794052)

A lot on the images that I make, whether still images or moving images, use a "sandwich" technique that relies on digital collage.

When working with still images, my basic technique is to combine three images as follows. I use the first image as a stencil. I choose an image with a lot of contrast for the stencil. I then print the second image through the stencil onto the third image.

This produces a composite image that can either be published, or used in a further construction using this sandwich technique.

Some of the early abstract videos that I made were simply slideshows of collages made in this way. See for example Rothko by Mondrian.

Recently, in abstract geometrical videos that I have made, I have replaced the stationary images in the sandwich by moving images. The extract shown above is from such a construction. This time the three images in the sandwich are movies. Although, in this particular case they are simple movies that are made by zooming, panning and rotating still images. A lot of the movement in the full version is rotation.

I have also experimented with moving image collages where some of the moving image components are filmed rather than constructed. The example below gives an idea of how that might look. Not all of the components are filmed in this extract. \One of my current projects is to create a collage in which all the components have been filmed, rather than constructed, while still focusing on the geometric.