Monday, 5 September 2016

Sound Check - a video made with The Cube

Sound Check from Peter Henderson @ Systems Art on Vimeo.

This is an experiment with natural abstraction in both video and audio, although I'll only talk about the video here. You might want to watch with the sound off.

The visuals invoke landscape and vegetation. The audio invokes industry and nature.

The synchronisation between audio and video plays with the relationship between the two, sometimes separate sometimes overlaid.

Geometric methods are used in the composition of both video and audio, as described previously Compositional Methods.

The geometric methods used in the video are repetition and tiling and the use of The Cube (see below) to mess with time and space, as I have done previously in Messing with Time and Space. Repetition and tiling are relatively straightforward video techniques (systematic use of picture-in-picture) that create a compelling symmetry, where the original video may have none.

The Cube

An image is just an array of pixels and a video is just a sequence of images. If you think of each of the images that comprise a video as being printed on a sheet of glass and stack these sheets of glass together then the resulting object, held in your hand, will be a cube. Actually, it'll be a cuboid but let me call it a cube, being concise.

The pixels of the video are now arranged in space, in this object which I call The Cube. Now, to construct a more abstract video, I can move these pixels around in various ways, which s what I have done with segments of this video, maintaining some continuity of time and space but messing with most of it. The net effect is that the images forming and deforming on the screen seem familiar (natural, in this case) but not quite right (abstract, we might say).

If you are interested in The Cube, let me know and I'll write more about it.