Thursday, 8 December 2011

Systems Art

I have a particular use of the term Systems Art, which is rather more specific than the more common use of this term.

I use the term to describe works (particularly images) that can be described, relatively easily, by a succinct formula or procedure.

The Mondrian and Richter inspired images posted here in the last few weeks are prime examples of such images. They are arrangements of coloured rectangles where the spacial and colour geometries can be clearly written down using mathematics.

I am attracted to artists where their works lend themselves to such description.

Artists such as Mondrian, Riley, Escher, O'Keeffe, LeWitt, Stella, Matisse, Miro, Rothko and Warhol.

I don't expect many of these artists would welcome the label Systems Art, but my hope is to explain why I feel they all justify it.

My own work is largely Geometric Abstraction, in its widest sense. I am also experimenting with Photographic Abstraction, where I again use geometry to alter the visual impact of an image, for example by stretching parts of it.The combination of Geometric and Photographic Abstraction looks promising.