Friday, 2 December 2011

Work in Progress (1408 colors)

Went to the Gerhardt Richter exhibition at the Tate Modern. Stunning.

That's going to be a big influence in the next few weeks.

The image shown above is based on Richter's 4096 colours. In my case I have laid out 1408 colours (44 by 32) to fit an A3 print. This is a computer generated image, where the colours have been chosen by an algorithm based on my name. It prints quite well on a commercial printer. Better of course from the pdf file than from the above jpg, because the pdf file still contains the original vectors.

As an exercise in colour fields I made it possible to generate variations of this image, where the colours would be based on the name of the person for whom the image is made.

For example, the following are variations made (arbitrarily) for "SFMOMA" and "BBCFrontRow", two of my twitter followers.

I have in mind to offer all my twitter followers a unique version of this image, specialised to their twitter-names, but am nervous that I may get too many requests and be unable to do the work involved in creating them.

Not many of my tweets get read, as far as I can see. I imagine they just  get lost in the stream. So I anticipate getting NO responses to my offer, should I decide to make it.

Meanwhile, its still work in progress