Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Waterfall Sequence (video)

Waterfall Sequence from Peter Henderson - Systems Art on Vimeo.

There is nothing very complex in this video and it is obvious which aspects of it that are systematic. It is basically a tiling pattern based on a single 10 second video that has been flipped horizontally and or vertically to create the symmetry. 

At this degree of definition it hardly justifies expansion to 64 distinct images. However, since  the original clip is shot at a (lowly) 720p, the sequence that has 64 images could be generated to have 5760 pixels on the edge, which is more than double the UHDTV (4K) resolution, so a projected 4K image would certainly be possible.

The soundtrack needs attention. It is the actual sound from the original video that has been edited to avoid 'joins', when the images change, but I have somehow managed to create a volume jump about 25 seconds in, which drops out again after 7 seconds. I need to revisit that if I take this project on further. Also, I would normally add some music to a clip of this length. So again, if I decide to take this further, suitable music needs to be added (some bass, perhaps).