Saturday, 10 January 2015

Field of Circles (video)

Field of Circles 76 sec video from Peter Henderson on Vimeo.

This short video is a component in what will eventually be a lengthier exposition on geometric images. It's too long, as it stands, and too repetitive. But it does exhibit some simple geometric properties that would be a natural component of an exposition on geometric art. [a next installment is Moving Wallpaper]

The seam that appears initially to the left of the video is a natural artifact of the (simple) mathematics used to generate it. Artistically, however, it is awkward.

Perhaps it should be at the top or bottom of the video (a trivial alteration). Currently it reappears on the right, and then again on the left. Maybe I should have had it cycle around, top, left, bottom, right (another trivial alteration).

The soundtrack is a simple beat that accelerates at the same rate as the movement in the image. Perhaps I should have done something a little more musical (a relatively trivial alteration).

These sorts of aesthetic choices are ones that the artist in me can make, but it is the engineer in me that is called upon to make the trivial alterations. Artist and Engineer seldom agree, though.

Structures like this are a good example of where art and engineering share concerns. Both artist and engineer are makers, both seek to achieve a structure that meets requirements and both persevere until that objective is reached ...